Managed Enterprise Logistics

Your trusted logistics partner for the long haul, And the short.

The LPS Enterprise Logistics solution is for customers seeking a highly collaborative relationship that can produce win-win results. By partnering with LPS to control freight, customers can achieve substantial freight cost savings by leveraging our substantial buying power. Our tenured account managers work hand-in-hand with our customers to maximize freight cost-savings and achieve process improvements. We centralize freight disciplines through our web-based MyLPS™ freight management platform. Our easy-to-use web apps allow customers to make quick and insightful shipping decisions, track their cargo, pay bills and monitor key performance indicators to drive positive change in their business.

8 reasons why Shippers love working with LPS

Open Book Pricing

When was the last time you heard that in the logistics industry?  Our business model is completely different than the competition.  Total transparency on every LTL shipment.

Carrier Neutral

It’s likely you didn’t build a successful business without some strong carrier relationships, so why change that? Our unique business model allows you to build a carrier all-star team to drive meaningful savings.

Inbound Freight Management

There is a reason why over 10% of all domestic power plants trust LPS to manage their inbound freight. Leveraging LPS’s proven processes, systems and contracts will help your company gain full control, enhance visibility, reduce costs and avoid state taxes.

Non-Asset Based

You will never see an LPS truck pull up to your dock door. Our only motivation is to match up best-in-class carriers with your freight.

Freight Bill Payment

LPS will pre-audit 100% of your carrier invoices and return all captured savings back to you! Our freight payment solution can save you time by automating GL coding, invoice approval, batch payments, and internal settlement.

Proprietary Software

Our TMS is home-grown…and we don’t charge you to use our technology! Access our web-based tools, contact us by phone or establish a virtual integration protocol to access shipping data. We pride ourselves on agility.


What gets measured gets managed! LPS captures over 50 fields of data off of every carrier invoice, bill-of-lading and delivery receipt. This serves as a source of truth for all of your reporting needs. We have yet to come across freight KPI that we can’t measure.

We’re in it for the long haul

There’s only one way to gain operational know-how, synergy and trust with a customer…STAYING POWER. We retain our employees and as a result, we retain our customers. We’ve kept the grass greener at LPS for over 25 years.


Why partner with LPS?

  • LPS is one of few providers in the country that can give you a single-source partnership, yet allow you to maintain relationships with the best 3PLs, brokers and carriers in the market.

  • Very few 3PLs can compete with our program’s lean pricing structure and flexible technology.

  • Our proprietary Transportation Management System will give your team a standardized process for load creation, award/dispatch, tracking and payment.

  • Our TMS system is web-based and carries zero implementation costs, it can integrate directly with your ERP to help automate manual procedures.

  • We can host fixed LTL & FTL rates yet give the open market a chance to spot quote every shipment, your team (or ours) can compare the costs of fixed contracts vs. spot bids…often time the spot bids are “backhaul” rates that can be very competitive.

  • You can leverage our dedicated account managers to take on much of the logistics workload that your team is burdened with each day.

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